Uranus Squares

These squares affect generations of people. Their impact on personal horoscopes depends on whether Uranus is prevalent in the chart. This also deals with social interactions and the choices of personal freedom. Remember that Uranus deals with original thinkers and the outrageously unique.

Uranus Square Neptune. Think rebellion, pioneers, idealism, and psychic talent. The generation born under this aspect (1950s) faces tremendous social upheaval and emotional confusion. Their lives are disrupted by wars, catastrophes, and major disasters. On a personal level, peculiar circumstances seem to plague your life. Your thinking can be muddled and confused.

Uranus Square Pluto. Worldwide, this suggests upheaval, fanaticism, and massive destruction. Hardly the kind of stuff you want to write home about. The generations born under this aspect (1930s) are now in their sixties and seventies and have faced drastic social upheaval in their lives.

On a personal level, with Uranus square Pluto there can be a need to reform and change the established order of things in general. Note that this aspect is strange because those who have it may have a strange relationship with money. Even if you're born into money, for example, you may never feel completely secure.

Uranus Square Nodes. You don't think much of traditions. You're a nonconformist at heart, but at times you take it so far you alienate the very people who could be helpful.

Uranus Square Ascendant. You want to be unpredictable and rebellious, but don't expect other people to love you for it. Your personal life would improve immeasurably if you learned to be cooperative with the people you care about. If you don't change, your intimate relationships aren't going to improve at all.

Uranus Square Midheaven and IC. You bounce around a lot by changing jobs and moving frequently. You're forever seeking the elusive job or relationship that won't restrict your personal freedom. Step back, detach, and honestly evaluate what you're doing and why.

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