Moon Squares

Moon squares often indicate unconscious blocks, prejudices, and habits that impede your emotional expression. This can affect your health, particularly in a woman's chart.

Moon Square Mercury. You talk too much. But you're so witty and glib that people usually enjoy your company anyway. The problem, though, is that you may talk about things that would be better kept to yourself. In fact, your nervous chatter gets on people's nerves sometimes. Overcome this challenge by being more circumspect in your speech.

Moon Square Venus. You feel inferior to others, and this prompts you to indulge in all sorts of detrimental habits. You spend your money foolishly, allow yourself to be taken advantage of, and aren't very sociable. With this square, there can be difficulties or delay in marriage. Think before you act, and strive to overcome your feelings of inferiority.

Moon Square Mars. You take things much too personally, which fuels your emotionally volatile nature. Your independence often runs to the extreme, creating problems with your parents when you were younger and with your own family later. Avoid alcohol and drugs. If you need to relieve stress, follow an exercise regimen.

According to accomplished astrologer Grant Lewi, a Moon square Mars will often manifest itself as early as childhood. Other aspects won't necessarily be so pronounced so early on. This aspect shows itself as precociousness in early childhood.

Moon Square Jupiter. You're a sucker for a sob story. You go overboard with everyone you love and even with people you don't know. But you can afford your extravagances because you believe you'll always have more than you need. The challenge here is to overcome your appetites and excesses.

Moon Square Saturn. Astrologers generally view this aspect unfavorably, saying that it leads to depression, melancholy, and emotional coldness. But Grant Lewi has a different take on it: “This is perhaps the most powerful single aspect you can have in a horoscope. It gives both ambition and the ability to concentrate on it.” He acknowledges that it's accompanied by bouts of moodiness and depression. But he believes the aspect is so powerful that, if it's bolstered by any other favorable aspect, “it will produce success along some line or other.”

No single aspect makes or breaks a chart. With this square, you need to look at how it fits with the rest of the horoscope. In one person, this square may very well lead to depression and ill health. But in someone else, it can be the trigger that galvanizes the individual to great professional heights.

Moon Square Uranus. You're emotionally restless, flitting from one thing to another in search of the ultimate. The problem is that you haven't defined what the ultimate is for you. Your talents are exceptional and reflect your individualism. External circumstances sometimes toss you a curve ball: a sudden accident or illness or involvement in some natural disaster. These events are your signposts. Once you understand what they're trying to tell you about yourself and your life, you break the pattern.

Moon Square Neptune. You're a daydreamer who spins wonderful tales and fantasies. But you're so impractical, you don't know how to make these flights of fancy into concrete achievements. You feel emotionally confused much of the time. You need to ground yourself, set goals, and get moving with your life. Don't surrender your imagination, instead channel it in constructive ways.

Moon Square Pluto. Don't be so intense! Life isn't always an either/or proposition. You don't have to burn your bridges with your family and intimates just to make a point. Use your psychic abilities and intense emotions to bring about a more gradual change in your life.

Moon Square Nodes. This T-square configuration urges you to overcome emotional or unconscious habits and prejudices. Until you do, you run into problems with women and can't fulfill your ambitions.

Moon Square Ascendant. You have trouble expressing yourself emotionally. As a result, you experience difficulties in partnerships, marriages, and with your family. If you can become aware of your habitual attitudes and patterns of behavior, you're on your way to breaking them and freeing yourself.

Moon Square Midheaven and IC. Domestic problems seem to get in the way of your professional ambitions. This leads to frustration, which only compounds the original problems. The source of the trouble isn't external. It lies somewhere in your unconscious behavioral patterns. In fact, this is what other people respond to.

Moon Square Part of Fortune. Your emotional frustration detracts from the areas of life in which you're lucky. Dig deep within to find the habitual patterns that are holding you back.

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