Your Sagittarius Child

From the time they are old enough to have friends, the phone will never stop ringing for your Sagittarius child. These kids possess such optimism and vivacity that other kids are drawn to them. Sagittarius children are always the center of attention. They're wise and helpful — even if they have a serious problem with authority.

Getting a Sagittarius child to do what you want him to do may be an uphill battle! He's likely to give in only when he feels like it. If you punish him, he'll take it in stride, and you may not even be sure you got your point across. With all Fire sign children, reverse psychology works well.

A Sagittarius child's candor may be welcome with friends but it may not sit well with you or with other adults. Both Sagittarius children and adults say it like it is. They have a refined sense of sarcasm and wit and call it as they see it — even if that's bound to hurt someone's feelings. They're direct, but generally lack tact.

On the other hand, a Sagittarius child may refuse to surrender his opinion to anyone. Sagittarius children make decisions on who is “worthy” of their attention. If another child or adult has lost a Sagittarius child's respect, this child won't give him the time of day. Yet Sagittarius kids are also warm, loving, and generous with those they deem important.

As a parent of a Sagittarian child, your best approach is to establish the parameters of authority early. Always allow your child the freedom to say what she thinks and believes, even if you don't agree. The Sagittarian child needs to know she won't be reprimanded for standing up for what she believes.

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