Your Pisces Child

In a crowd, the easiest way to pick out a Pisces child is by her smart, discerning eyes. Her gaze seems wise and almost ancient. Little Pisces girls sometimes come off as snobs to others who don't know them well; Pisces boys can come off as stuck-up or all knowing. These traits are innate. They simply have a certain inbred regality, like little princesses and princes. They have a cool sense of style and good bearing, and an equally keen imagination.

In fact, it sometimes seems that a young Pisces is not listening to you; it's not true! A Pisces child hears everything and will surprise you when she revives the subject at any given time. If you tell your child you're not feeling well, for instance, she's likely to ask you a few hours later or the next day how you're feeling. Even as children, Pisces is caring and sweet. His mind is always working. He thinks too much and worries a lot, contributing to his idealism and desire to make the world a better place.

Pisces children tend to have vivid dreams. Many Pisces children also show an early interest in psychic phenomena. If the mystical tendencies are nurtured and encouraged, a Pisces child can grow into a true medium, psychologist, clairvoyant, and/or healer.

These children feel everything with such intensity that a cross look is probably all a parent needs to keep them in line. If you raise your voice to a Pisces child, it's the equivalent of a physical assault. Their feelings are easily hurt. However, if other children challenge them, they will stand up for themselves.

Pisces children are truly paradoxes — equally strong and insecure. They long to find their own way and yet, once they do, they are sought out constantly by other children for pep-talks and good advice. Pisces is nurturing, sweet, and always knows what to say to everyone. Her sense of diplomacy is the stuff of legends — even with her parents. You'll feel lucky to have a Pisces child at your side!

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