The Midheaven and the IC

The Midheaven or MC is the highest point in a chart. In FIGURE6–1 , this point is 2306; in FIGURE6–2 , this point is 2616. The IC lies opposite the Midheaven in the same degree.

Even though the Midheaven doesn't provide much information about the personality, it is vital in understanding someone's life because it pertains to social roles, your public life, your relationship with authority, and status. Since it rules the cusp of the tenth house, which is concerned with an individual's professional life and career, the Midheaven also helps define what a person does for a living.

“Perhaps the most important attribute of the Midheaven,” writes Robert Hand, “is that it helps to identify what people need to do with their lives in order to grow.” In other words, if the MC defines the externalization of the self, then the IC, as its opposite, represents the internalized self. The IC concerns the roots laid down in early childhood.

Any planet that is placed closely to the cusps of the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth houses — the four angles — manifests with considerable strength. In the chart in FIGURE6–1 , such planets would be Mars at 1803 and the Moon at 1709. Both are nearly conjunct the descendant or seventh house cusp. In the tenth house, Uranus at 122R is within seven degrees of the Midheaven at 2306, close enough to be particularly significant.

In the chart in FIGURE6–2 , the Sun in the first house exerts a particularly strong influence.

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