Saturn: The Karmic Planet

The restrictions and structure inherent to Saturn are expressed through the sign it occupies. The sign shows how you handle obstacles in your life, deal with authority, and how you cope with serious issues. Actually, Saturn is thought to be the “karmic” planet of the zodiac. The house placement is personally significant because it shows what area of your life is affected.

Saturn in Aries (in fall). Circumstances force you to develop patience and initiative. Your impulsiveness needs to be mitigated, otherwise setbacks occur. With this position, there's a capacity for great resourcefulness that, constructively channeled, can lead to innovative creations. On the negative side, you can be self-centered and defensive.

Saturn in Taurus. You feel a deep need for financial and material security. But material comfort is earned only through hard work, discipline, and perseverance. As a result, you need to cultivate reliability and persistence in your chosen profession.

The downside to this placement — Saturn in Taurus — is that there can be a tendency for stubbornness in all issues of life: being right all the time. It's hard for this person to see another side to a story. There may also be an excessive preoccupation with material affairs and goods for this person.

Saturn in Gemini. Discipline and structure are expressed mentally through your systematic and logical mind. Problems must be thought through carefully and worked out in detail; otherwise, difficulties multiply.

Saturn in Cancer (detriment). Your crab-like tenacity sees you through most obstacles and difficulties. You choose a course, which may not always be the best, that doesn't threaten your emotional and financial security. There's a certain emotional restraint with this placement because so much is internalized. Psychic and intuitive resources are sometimes stifled.

Saturn in Leo (detriment). Your ego and need for recognition can be your worst enemies. If you try to solve your difficulties in a self-centered way, you only compound the problem. Cooperative ventures and consideration of mutual needs work wonders for this placement.

Saturn in Virgo. You're such a perfectionist, you tend to get bogged down in details. You need to separate the essential from the inconsequential. An intuitive approach to obstacles and challenges is an enormous help with this placement.

Saturn in Libra (exalted). You overcome obstacles and difficulties by cooperation and a willingness to work with others. The best way to achieve your goals is in partnership with others. You have the opportunity to develop an acute sense of balance and timing with this placement.

Saturn in Scorpio. You handle your difficulties in an intense, secretive manner, which increases the suspicion of those around you. By being more open and up front about what you're doing, you're able to overcome obstacles. Work to discipline your intuition; it can be an infallible guide.

Saturn in Sagittarius. You need to loosen up. Any kind of rigid approach only increases your problems and difficulties. Your best bet is to structure your life by incorporating your ideals into a practical, daily life. Your intense intellectual pride makes you vulnerable to criticism by peers.

Saturn in Capricorn (dignified). No matter what challenges you face, your ambition conquers them. You know that everything has a price and strive to make your contributions to the larger world. You respect the power structures that you see. For you, life itself is serious business. Don't get locked into rigid belief systems; remain flexible.

Saturn in Aquarius (dignified). Your emotional detachment and objectivity allow you to meet challenges head on. Your innovative and unique approach to problems is best funneled through a quiet, practical application to daily life. Your peers help you to learn discipline.

Saturn in Pisces. Astrologers don't look kindly on this placement. But much of what might manifest negatively can be mitigated by practical use of the innate psychic ability of Pisces. Instead of letting yourself become trapped in memories of the past, use past triumphs as a springboard to the future. Your psychic ability is a doorway to higher spiritual truths but must be grounded in some way, perhaps through meditation or yoga.

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