Sun Oppositions

Do you remember the example of the Siamese twins from Chapter 8? Twin A wants to go left, and Twin B wants to go right. This is the nature of an opposition: tension. To overcome it, you have to reach a compromise. With Sun oppositions, the tensions manifest as a conflict of wills. Note that no opposition exists between the Sun and Mercury and the Sun and Venus.

Sun Opposed Moon. Your emotions are pitted against your ego. The stress may show up in your relationships with the opposite sex. It can also affect your health, especially in a woman's horoscope. You're forced to be more objective about everything in your life, which often results in a sense that you constantly have to choose between your affairs and those of someone else. By understanding the nature of the aspect, you go a long way toward overcoming it.

Sun Opposed Mars. When people disagree with you, take a dozen deep breaths and remove yourself temporarily from the situation. This will ultimately get more results than your usual hostile reactions. Even though you're physically strong, never use physical force to make your point; that only creates an enemy.

Sun Opposed Jupiter. Your inflated ego and grandiose schemes don't exactly endear you to others. You waste energy on excess of all kinds and if you don't cut back, it may affect your health. Stop pontificating. Learn to listen sincerely to other people, and you can mitigate the influence of this opposition.

Sun Opposed Saturn. Your conflicts usually boil down to one salient factor: you chafe and rebel against the restrictions imposed on you by others. These restrictions may come from heavy responsibilities you take on for a spouse, parent, or child. This aspect asks that you attempt to take all things in stride. Cultivate optimism. Lighten up.

Some astrologers say that, with Sun opposed Saturn, the privilege of having children is sometimes denied (as part of a planetary “bump” or lesson learned), or they may just get lucky and have babies born later in their lives. Also, marriage generally happens later in life with this aspect.

Sun Opposed Uranus. The bottom line is that you can't have everything your way all the time. Your insistence on this, coupled with your extreme independence, makes it difficult for you to get along with other people. The very freedom you insist upon for yourself is not something that you allow others. Until you clear up this dichotomy in your life, expect a lot of tension with friends and partners.

Sun Opposed Neptune. Meeting the challenge of this aspect requires strength of will and great focus. You're easily deceived by other people and confused about your religious beliefs and personal relationships. Strive for objectivity.

Sun Opposed Pluto. Your overbearing nature can get on other people's nerves. You need to step back, relax, and stop trying to control everything around you. Many people are intimidated by the forcefulness of your personality, so you tend to lose support you might have otherwise.

Sun Opposed North Node, Conjunct South Node. Vanquish your selfishness and learn to cooperate with other people. Look to the houses occupied by the Sun and the Nodes to determine which areas will be affected.

Sun Opposed Ascendant. This aspect means the Sun is also conjunct the seventh house cusp. This focuses energy on marriages and partnerships.

These intimate relationships fulfill and ground you. They provide you with the self-confidence to assume leadership roles.

Sun Opposed Midheaven, Conjunct IC. Your professional achievements are largely dependent on the harmony of your domestic life. You need a fulfilling home life to be able to function well in the larger world.

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