Seduction Tips with Scorpio

Scorpio man needs to woo his woman. Do not chase after him. He may do it subtly, at first, but eventually he'll invite you for a weekend away somewhere. Scorpio has a knack for finding a romantic way to court (and win) a partner. Scorpio is also relentless in his pursuit and usually gets what he wants.

He likes very sexy, yet tasteful. He'll negatively judge a potential mate if the sexy part extends to flirting with his friends — don't do it. Scorpio might keep his rage hidden for a while, but it won't work in your favor to make him over-the-top jealous. He'll just think you're not the good girl he thought. Scorpios will have flings with too-sexy women, but they will never marry them.

Be aware that many Scorpios are hidden workaholics. They're very good, in the beginning, at hiding this fact. This is why: they need to complete a task before they can go on to the next. Therefore, the thing that will be most important for a Scorpio is to “get you,” and then, predictably, he can go back to his normal routine of working crazy hours, complaining about it, and never resolving the problem.

Many Scorpios have obsessive tendencies — whether or not you see them in the beginning. Truth is, at first it may just seem like you're the obsession. He'll be so bent on getting you that you'll wonder if you've just stepped into a romance novel. Be aware that this may change later. Scorpio can't leave the duties of his job for long — he defines himself by it.

Know, too, that if he's having many problems at work, your relationship will suffer. He needs to resolve work issues before he can think of getting intimate again. He absolutely cannot separate these two parts of his life — try as he does. In this respect, you must understand and be supportive. There's no way around it.

In the case of Scorpio, before you even think of letting romance get the best of you, you must determine something to make sure you're getting involved with someone who can handle a real relationship: the pitying factor. Many Scorpios are perfectionists, with work and with themselves, so ask yourself: Is this person happy with his life? In other words, does he constantly say “poor me”? The thing is, if a Scorpio is not happy, deep down, he will go into periods of self-doubt and pity — and will bring you down with him. Some Scorpios are emotionally mature and can handle the world around them. Find out first, though.

Keep in mind that Scorpio will stay in a romantic situation that's not working for longer than he should. If he starts pulling away a little, or is less jealous or possessive than he was before, you're probably losing him. The worst thing that you can do at this point is to chase after him. Be busy, pull away, and let him come after you. Scorpio is a lonely, private soul — but he absolutely hates being alone, too.

The best time to approach a Scorpio about something important is after lovemaking. His guard is let down almost completely. Be aware of Scorpio's temper. He bottles things up inside and then it all comes out at once — in a huff. Don't try to convince Scorpio he is wrong at this point. Let him calm down first. If not, he'll never see your side of it.

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