Scorpio in Love

You don't know the meaning of the word intensity unless you've been involved with a Scorpio. No other sign brings such raw power to life. The rawness probably isn't something you understand or even like very much, but there's no question that it's intricately woven through the fabric of your relationship.

If you're in for the long haul, then accept your Scorpio the way he or she is. If you're not in for the long haul, why try to work it out? In any case, a Scorpio will, indeed, have a profound effect on your life. Scorpio is all about transformation and changing the way others around him see the world.

The odd part is that you're never quite sure how the intensity is going to manifest: jealousy, fury, endless questions, or soft and intriguing, but effective passion. Sometimes, the intensity doesn't have anything to do with the relationship, but with the personal dramas in the Scorpio's life. Many times, you may even hear from work colleagues that he's a “perfectionist, and difficult to work with.” The word “crazy” may even get into the picture.

Scorpios have a magnetism that is legendary. It doesn't even matter if he's good-looking — it's always there. Consider this: Scorpio is always the sexiest person in the room. Astrologers say that Scorpio is also known for his bedroom prowess: this isn't myth. Unfortunately, other problems can weigh Scorpio down so he's got to be clear of mind and calm in order to woo you in his cool, mysterious way.

Speaking of mysterious: there's something with Scorpio that you may just not be able to put your finger on. If he's completely direct with you, that's good. Chances are, though, he's got a number of secrets he keeps hidden from the world. It may be something that's happened in his past, or a fetish he doesn't want to let you in on, or even another woman he sees occasionally. Beware.

You'll always be able to tell when Scorpio is fibbing. You can feel it. The energy around him changes. If you keep insisting that he tell you the truth, he may even get angry. If he does — it's a good sign that there's something he's not telling you. The only way to get it out of him is to get him in a good mood, pretend you don't really care, and then get him to confess.

Scorpio's senses are strong, especially those of sight, touch, and taste. If he touches you, you'll feel it down to your toes. He has keen sight, meaning instincts. And taste: if he cooks, he's wonderful. If not, he appreciates everything about food. However, there's one sense he lacks: hearing. It seems as if he doesn't hear anything you say. It's not that he doesn't really remember. Instead, he has a mental block on the things he doesn't want to hear, or he's very likely to pretend he doesn't know what you're talking about. The truth is, Scorpios have excellent memories. Don't let him get away with this.

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