Pisces in Love

Through the heart, sensitive Pisces experiences his subjective reality as real, solid, perhaps even more tangible than the external world. For some Pisces, romance can be the point of transcendence — the source where he penetrates to the larger mysteries that have concerned him most of his life. To be romantically involved with a Pisces is to be introduced to many levels of consciousness and awareness. If you're not up to it, then get out now because your Pisces isn't going to change.

There is nothing weak about Pisces, as many astrologers claim. Instead, Pisces watches from a distance and determines the best point of attack. Pisces, also, many times seems the quiet type, who's sweet and kind. But know this: when Pisces is in a relationship, and feels comfortable, there is no one who can manipulate you and your feelings like Pisces can (except, maybe, Cancer). The way a Pisces does this is to play cold and walk away until you follow. Pisces knows that this always works in human nature and has this move down to a science.

He's strong because he'll get you to come to him without any effort on his part. Pisces are ten times craftier than they appear. They're incredibly good at hiding this side of themselves. They're so adept at playing along with you, and being “on your side,” that you won't even know what hit you when they use something — something you've told them — against you, in the future.

Know this: Pisces will test you. All Pisces know how to test and how to get the answer they're looking for at the moment. If you're smart enough, you'll recognize this and pass the test. If not, Pisces will turn away without warning and find someone worthier of his affections.

They say Pisces is idealistic. This is true. But they also say that Pisces is a dreamer, and there is a misconception about this. Yes, Pisces is a dreamer: but he's a dreamer with a vision. Most Pisces know what they want and go after it with a kind of slow, methodical gait. Eventually, most of them get what they want, even if it takes time. But Pisces instinctively know how best to get the most out of their astonishingly calm composure and patience.

Pisces includes a little bit of every sign and can usually pull out this grab bag of talents at will. He can be a little mysterious like Scorpio, play the noble like Leo, insert the commanding attitude like Sagittarius, be the charmer like Gemini, and act the part of smooth-talker like Aries. The only role that Pisces has difficulty playing is Aquarius, whose sign sits right next to Pisces.

In fact, Pisces has a hard time hiding disdain for those he truly doesn't like while Aquarius is perfectly capable of fraternizing with the enemy, if need be. And Aquarius does not turn up his nose at anyone, while Pisces does so often. Pisces has a regal Air about him like Leo. While Leo is more of the caring, noble set, Pisces has a proud, capable, and studious air about him, which, try as he may, he cannot shake.

Pisces is intelligent and sympathetic. Don't ever confuse sympathetic with empathetic, though. Pisces will not feel your particular brand of sadness, though he seems to. Instead, he's likely to bring you out of the despair by “understanding” your plight and giving you good advice for it. But the sadness he shows you will never reach his heart.

However, there is no one like Pisces to give you good advice. Aries may be good at it, but he orders you around while doing so. His words are more command and “truth” than suggestion. Gemini is good at it, but usually comes up with the overly aggressive way. Instead, Pisces will put the idea into your head and let you come up with the solution. This is, indeed, most effective and one of Pisces' best traits.

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