Seduction Tips with Sagittarius

If you keep Sagittarius guessing, you'll keep him. Be direct with your words, and quieter with your emotions. Sagittarius likes to be steered in love in a very subtle way. He's very physical and sometimes expresses his feelings through actions, rather than through words. Never be needy with a Sagittarius. He'll be out the door faster than you can blink.

Sagittarius is also one sign that will absolutely do what you tell him not to do. Don't even try it. Instead, try using reverse psychology. Say, “Oh, you're right … you're so right … but maybe just this once, could we try it this way — just for me?” In other words, if you use love as an incentive, Sagittarius might just go for it.

Here's another tip with Sagittarius: Don't ask for too much in the beginning. He'll give you his heart — and everything else — if you don't ask for a lot right away. He needs to be “there” in the moment with you. And he needs to be truly in love to give of himself. Sagittarius is very capable of separating sex and love. If he's sleeping with you, it doesn't necessarily mean he's in love. Again, you need to ask him what's going on. Don't do it in a needy way. Ask him in a direct way — he'll tell you. Just remember to believe what he says. Sagittarius doesn't mince words.

He's more sensitive than he seems, and he'll care for anyone he gets involved with (unlike Aries, who can go to bed and wipe the slate clean the next day, if he chooses). As passionate Fire signs go, Sagittarius is a good guy — and he's even better when he's in love. Just make sure not to lie to him. Sagittarius won't appreciate that at all. If he doesn't trust you, he'll be nice to you, but he'll run the other way looking for a better mate.

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