Matches with Sagittarius

Other Air signs are compatible with Sagittarius. The Sagittarius-Gemini polarity confers a natural affinity between the two signs. But other Fire signs might work well, too. It just depends. Sagittarius, above all other Fire signs, is the most emotionally secure. Sagittarius is not the most stable (Leo is), but he thinks he is. He doesn't tolerate as much as Leo, but he's not as ridiculously immature as Aries can sometimes be.

He comes off as a natural, quiet leader. And he is. Actually, the best match for Sagittarius is a Water sign — particularly Pisces. These two go together so well because Pisces is strong and sensual enough for Sagittarius, but is also a master in the art of silent persuasion. Sagittarius needs someone who is loving, sweet, and tender, will let him do what he feels like doing, and isn't nitpicky about the little things. Again, a Water sign might just do him good because he likes being “shown the way;” yet, all the while, he's the one who can act “in charge” of things.

When Sagittarius falls in love with “the one,” she's set for life. Sagittarius can be the least faithful sign of the zodiac, but she can also be the most faithful. If she finds what she's looking for, Sagittarius will settle down and not look any further.

In essence, you can get a Sagittarius to fall in love with you if you are sweet, yet strong. He hates being argued with; so, if he does something stupid, approach him in that moment and just tell him what he's done wrong. He won't put up with silent passive-aggressive tactics. These drive him crazy (though once in a while these will keep him on his toes). He doesn't go for the shy, sensitive type, though. He needs to feel that his mate can do fine without him. Only then will he stay.

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