Leo in Love

Leos are passionate. They can also be impulsive and irrational, but it's all part of the charm. They're fickle, and they like to test their partners before they put their hearts into anything. They're difficult, too, particularly when their egos need to be stroked. If you treat a Leo with anything but the ultimate respect, he may not say anything, but he'll remember it — and count it against you in the game of love.

Leo fights for the underdog, but be sure to stick up for yourself with him. On the other hand, arguing for the sake of arguing will make a Leo insane. Leos are intense and will argue, but their sunny, calm natures are truly made for being content and feeling safe and comfortable with a partner.

Though Leo gives the appearance of being confident and secure, this is often an act. Leo's innermost desire is to be accepted for who he is, and his biggest worry is that he'll soon discover he's just normal or boring. It's very important for a Leo to feel special.

For the most part, Leos need to feel needed and need to know they are loved before they commit entirely. Once they're committed, everything is bigger than life and brighter than the Sun. They're known to be loyal, but this is only true after they've found themselves. If they haven't, and they're not yet emotionally evolved or secure, they can be as two-faced as Gemini can be.

Many astrologers say Leos are arrogant, but this is not true. Actually, they're such perfectionists that they're worried their insecurities will show unless they “perform.” They show off sometimes and try to be larger than life to compensate for their flaws.

Like all Fire signs, Leo needs to respect you in order to fall in love. This means that you need to be ambitious in career, straightforward in your dealings with people, and truthful with them. Anything else will be the end of the relationship.

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