Taurus in Love

In romance with a Taurus, a lot goes on beneath the surface. Taureans are subtle and quiet about what they feel. Once they fall, though, they fall hard. In fact, their inherent fixed natures simply won't allow them to give up. Perhaps this sounds like it could be good for you and bad for them. Maybe. But Taurus people get in way over their heads and then find that there's no turning back.

However, a Taurus will never really fall in love unless he thinks he can trust you. Trust definitely goes a long way with Taurus. Deep down, Taurus knows that he's sensitive and that he takes himself a little too seriously. His sense of responsibility weighs heavily on his shoulders and he'll always fulfill any task he believes he must.

But, remember: he'll also feel like it's up to him to judge the world. If he's critical, take it as a warning. He definitely has an idea in his head of how things should be, and he'll try to mold you into how he sees you or how he'd like to see you. Pay close attention to his naggings because, though it may seem otherwise, he means every word he says.

Sometimes, you're never quite sure if a Taurus is in love with you or in love with the idea of you. Ego comes into play with a Taurus and sometimes his “win, win” attitude will outweigh his real need for you. If you're not sure, trust your gut. Deep down, you'll know the difference.

As a Venus-ruled sign, Taureans are true sensualists and romantic lovers. Their romantic attachments ground and stabilize them. Love is like air to them: they need it to breathe. Again, they'll want to trust and rely on you. This is essential. In fact, it's very easy to see if Taurus trusts you, at least to some degree. Taurus can't touch and make love unless he feels he can. Taurus and Virgo may be the only men in the zodiac who are mainly like this. They might entertain a fling or two in their lifetime, but that's not what they're about.

Instead, they're looking for meaning and true love — someone who'll put up with their obstinate nature and even revel in it. Most Taurus men are quite macho. Like the bull, they're quite direct and will usually take a problem on — head on (quite the opposite of the way Cancer would handle it). Give them a good love challenge and they won't shy away. Taurus is built for competition. The problem is, he may never really stop to consider if you two are actually good for one another.

Taurus women (and sometimes men) have a habit of falling for Fire signs. In the beginning, the Fire sign will conquer her. But once she starts getting comfortable, he begins flirting with others and testing her. If she lightens up, she just may be able to keep him.

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