Seduction Tips with Taurus

Never make a Taurus too jealous. He'll punish you for it and get revenge. Sure, he'll do it quietly and methodically, but it will come back to you. Meanwhile, Taurus men like the slow art of seduction. Don't go to bed with a Taurus too quickly. He'll never respect you for it.

Taurus wants to make love, not just have sex, and it's a slow, seductive tango. Taurus definitely doesn't rush. If you're not into languid, sensual lovemaking, a Taurus may not be for you. Even if Taurus likes to talk “dirty,” he still wants to know that the feelings there are real. Then he'll be able to loosen up and be himself in bed.

Unlike most other signs, Taurus should not be dealt with on a physical level when the two of you fight. In other words, you'll probably need to talk things out before you make love again. Remember, Taurus is sensitive and puts his heart into lovemaking.

Again, with Taurus, deal with issues as they come up. Don't go to bed angry. Work out your problems. Taurus is good at dealing with the issues at hand. Instead, if he pushes them deeper and deeper, you will never get them out of him again. When you bring it up, he'll look at you like he has no idea what you're talking about — even if he's steaming inside. Instead, he'll talk about it years from now when you least expect it.

In fact, Taurus is capable of holding a grudge for decades. It's very difficult for him to let go of the past. He remembers everything and never forgets anything. Try to be direct and honest with Taurus all the time. And don't let Taurus get on a self-pity track. It's his self-defense and armor. If a partner from his past has wronged him, he'll look for every conceivable reason that you'll do the same to him.

Find out where he's sensitive and make sure you stay far away from that route. In other words, if an ex cheated on him, go out of your way to show him that you're more than trustworthy. If an ex was using him for money (or, more likely, he was simply convinced that she was), make sure he knows that you're just the opposite.

When he's relaxed with you, you can give him a massage or touch him in any way — he'll get the hint. He's sensitive with touch as well. Just don't rush things. Make sure he's in love before you go to bed with him. If you don't, he'll lose respect for you and think that you do the same with everyone.

Taurus loves all sensual things — including food! And he loves domestic prowess. Cook a wonderful dinner for Taurus man or Taurus woman and you'll get extra potential husband or wife Brownie points.

Also, a woman Taurus wants to know that she's truly loved before she'll hit the sack with a man. She can have flings but, as she gets older and gets to know herself better, she'll realize that this is not the best of all possible worlds. She'll want to wait and be romanced. And there's no one who knows how to seduce and romance like Taurus.

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