Seduction Tips with Capricorn

Capricorn wants a loyal, stable, solid, and devoted partner. If you have a huge group of friends (like Aquarius) and don't give Capricorn his due, you can forget it. Capricorn needs to know that you'll be there when he needs you or he'll never consider you for the long term.

Yes, Capricorn wants security with emotions, but financial security is sometimes even more important. Not all Capricorns are great at earning money, but they're good at keeping it or saving it all for a rainy day. If you're a spender, and your Capricorn mate is not, watch out!

Capricorns have a tough time walking away from a relationship, even one that's not that great. Therefore, you'll get little hints if Capricorn is not happy. They'll be subtle, though. If Capricorn, for instance, is spending a lot of time away from you or is talking more to others than to you, find out what's wrong before Capricorn pulls away completely. You'll always get some kind of tip-off.

Capricorns can seriously appreciate sexiness but will admire a conservative style of dress even more. If you combine sexy with conservative, you've got it made. Actually, if you're able to dress for the occasion, Capricorn will adore this quality in you. Capricorn gets better at doing it himself, later in life, but he'll definitely notice if you make an effort for him.

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