Matches with Taurus

Conventional astrological wisdom says that the lot of us is better off with those who share the same element we do or with those who feed our element (Earth with Water, for instance). This makes Taurus compatible with other Earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn) and with Water signs. Unfortunately, other Earth signs — unless they have some Air in their charts — can sometimes be too serious for Taurus, who needs a good laugh in order to let his guard down. And though Virgo is more critical of himself (and thin-skinned with others' criticisms), Taurus can sometimes take it the wrong way, too.

Quite often, Taureans are fatally attracted to Scorpios, their polar opposites. Although their elements, Earth and Water, should make them compatible, this tends to be a superficial connection. Instead, beneath the surface, they're probably at war with one other. But this just kicks up the chemistry. Taurus is also very attracted to Fire signs. This may work okay in a relationship with a Leo, but in the long run, Sagittarius and Aries may just be too big a bite to chew for more down-to-earth Taurus.

A huge problem with Taurus and Leo together is that Leo likes to spend! Taurus, while generous, is very concerned with having a nest egg. Therefore, he'll woo someone with expensive dinners in the beginning, but he'll come to resent anyone who makes him spend too much in the end.

Air signs mesh well with Earth signs, too, because they're both thinking signs, whereas Water and Fire signs are more spontaneous and apt to follow their hearts. Gemini will entertain Taurus, but Taurus won't necessarily trust her. Libra may be a good bet for Taurus, as both have an incredible affinity for an elegant, sumptuous, and refined life. Libra and Taurus manage to acquire it together by spurring each other on. Aquarius' lifestyle will drive conservative Taurus crazy, despite his attraction to her.

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