Seduction Tips with Gemini

Gemini is the biggest flirt in the zodiac. If you can't deal with this, just forget Gemini. He'll flirt in front of you, and has charm like no one else (except maybe Libra), but this is all part of the game. Sure, he can be faithful — you have to win his heart first. Unfortunately, this isn't an easy task. Gemini will always go for the “coolest” person in the room, unless he's looking to settle down for real. Then, he may go for the perfect person who grounds him.

In fact, you may get a little dizzy watching a Gemini work the room. The “sexy” thing works for Gemini, and he plays it up to the hilt. He likes having a throng of fans and gets distracted easily. Therefore, one of the only ways you're going to get Gemini to chase after you is to start up a great conversation — then leave and look like you're having a blast. This may be a game, but it works. When Gemini finally realizes you've bailed, he'll come looking for you.

Also, if you have a head for business or simply a good job, this will impress Gemini to the umpteenth degree. He wants to respect his partner and know that his partner has big ambitions. Gemini is not a wallflower. He wants to be out and about and to brag about what a great person he's got at his side.

Gemini needs to feel like he's got the prize that other people covet. In other words, it's not just okay that he thinks you're great, he needs to know that his friends think you're amazing, too. So, don't hang on him at parties. Show that you're independent but that you're on his side.

Never go against Gemini in front of his friends. He'll be instantly offended and look elsewhere for romantic company (who will be “faithful,” in his eyes). True, Gemini has a bit of a paranoid, insecure thing. You may not see it right away, but it's there. You don't have to show him your love and devotion immediately, just make sure you agree with him in front of people he deems important.

Gemini really does need a little drama to know that you're interested, but he doesn't like being alone for long. He can get caught up with his work, but work will never be the most important thing in his life — not deep down. Love is the real focus. In fact, he'll stay with someone he thinks is the best thing he can find. And if you stay on top, for him, he'll be with you — always.

There's a fine line between making Gemini jealous and making him insane. If you make him jealous in an innocent way — but he still trusts you — it's fine. If you truly make him jealous, there's no one more vindictive and crazy than he will be. You won't like this side of him at all. It's not pretty.

Geminis also know that sarcasm and humor with an edge is the best remedy for everything. Make a Gemini laugh — at himself and at others, in general — and he'll instantly think you're smart. With Gemini, it's not always about book-smart, it's about street-smarts and ironic, sarcastic comebacks that are funny, not biting or nasty. They can be sensitive, in general, but they love to gossip and to make fun of others.

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