Libra in Love

Libras are drawn to beauty, whatever its form. The only thing they enjoy as much as beauty is harmony. Even when a relationship has gone sour, a Libra hesitates to be the one who ends it. Libras can't stand hurting anyone's feelings; emotional rawness is one of those ugly realities that they don't like to see. As a result, they may remain in a relationship longer than they should just because disharmony is so distasteful. Libras seek harmony because, in their hearts, they know that enlightenment lies at the calm dead center of the storm.

In fact, Libra is just that — the eye of the storm. He'll start something and then walk away to watch things unfold at a distance, where it's safe. Libra is the ultimate “watcher” of human behavior. He studies it — studies you — and determines what he knows and what he believes. He'll have his friends study you and see if you're faithful and “worthy.” Ultimately, he'll make up his own mind. But if a Libra doesn't trust you, you're history.

Libra has a wonderful social circle and many people who believe in him. But watch closely. Libra keeps his true self hidden. There's often only one person he truly trusts — usually a family member. If he opens up to you completely on a consistent basis, you've got a real mate for life.

Libra has a very fixed idea in his head of what he's looking for. If you don't fit that perfect mold, he's not going to waste his time on you. Find out what Libra wants. If you don't, you may seduce him for one night, but he won't get serious with you.

Librans are masters in the disguise of their own fate. In fact, they can be very stubborn when deciding what the roads of life all lead to. It's sometimes difficult for them to make a tough decision, but when they do, no one can talk them out of it. Librans believe in signs, red flags, and even superstitions. They'll consider omens and apply them to their own lives.

Also, Librans want to be calm and comfortable in a relationship. Many Libra men choose younger women just to have this feeling of ultimate control. Sometimes they also pick women a lot older than they are so that the woman does all of the deciding. You'll also find that Librans are mostly faithful when they find the one they want to spend time with. True, they may have strange arrangements set up, but when they love, they love deeply.

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