Gemini in Love

The problem with Gemini is that he doesn't really know what he wants. He thinks he knows, but then it changes. Gemini needs to work for love — then he'll give his all. Also, he needs a partner who makes him laugh — but not about himself. Geminis can be touchy and sensitive when the humor comes at their expense.

Geminis love first with their minds. Even a relationship that begins primarily because of a sexual attraction won't last if there's no mental connection. Quite often, Geminis seek friendship first with the opposite sex and, once a mental rapport is established, the friendship deepens into love. But this happens when they're really ready for something serious. Otherwise, they can have affairs like no other sign in the zodiac. True, they can be quite fickle in their affections, sometimes carrying on simultaneous relationships. But once their hearts are won, they love deeply.

Once Gemini is over you, it's really over. Don't ever take a “break” with Gemini — it won't ever come back around to the way it was. Gemini has this power to cut it off clean and never look back once he's decided it's through.

Geminis have a “need to try everything once” attitude. They're like children who need to stick their hands in the cookie jar. True, there are some Geminis who won't sleep with a person if they're not in love, but chances are, they'll try it all with the one they're with at the moment.

Geminis can also be drama queens (and kings). They like to entertain people, make others laugh, and give good, grown-up advice (that they only wish they could follow themselves). No one can tell a story like a Gemini. She'll use her eyes and her body to create a moment. And she'll get as emotionally worked up the first time she tells a tale as she does the seventh time. Don't ever take the stories at face value, though. Gemini has a habit of exaggerating, even when she doesn't mean to.

Again, Geminis give great advice, though they're just not very good at taking the advice, themselves. So, they're a little lost. And they change their minds frequently, so it's sometimes difficult for them to get to the heart of the matter. All of that aside, Geminis do love with every bit of their hearts. They're pretty quick to put their hearts on the table when they feel it — sometimes too quickly. They can be diplomatic when they need to — but not when it comes to romance, love, and you.

Gemini, in love, always likes to leave a few options open. Before you get comfy and cozy with a Gemini, make sure he's smitten! Boredom, to a Gemini, is death. He needs the challenge of tempting and wooing you. Let him court you fully before you succumb!

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