Conjunctions of Venus

Any planet that conjuncts Venus influences your social behaviors, including your friendships and your acquaintances. This will also tell more about what kind of artistic expression fascinates and defines you. It also gives away your sexual affinities and romantic inclinations.

Venus Conjunct Mars. Sexuality is a big issue for you. Your passionate nature gets you involved in many different types of relationships, not all of them good for you. If this conjunction is poorly aspected, promiscuity may be evident. In extreme cases, there may be involvement in violent crime. But generally, this aspect indicates that you're very attractive to the opposite sex. You're lucky in financial matters, and you enjoy spending money. This is a good aspect for any artistic endeavor: it adds fire, passion, and drive.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter. This aspect sounds like a carnival fortune-teller's line: happiness and financial success. You're cheerful, optimistic, sociable, and kind toward other people. You probably support religious or spiritual causes and help people who are less fortunate than you. Artistic ability usually comes with this conjunction. In self-aware individuals, talent as a peacemaker may be indicated.

On the downside, when Venus conjuncts Jupiter, things can be too easy, which can lead to indolence, self-indulgence, and laziness! If Saturn is prominent in your chart, it will add structure and discipline to the overall horoscope and create a channel for using this aspect positively.

Venus Conjunct Saturn. Romantic relationships are serious business for you. You don't love easily, but once your heart is won, your loyalty is unwavering. Your adherence to tradition, however, may compel you to stay in a relationship long after it no longer works. Divorce is rare with this aspect. If the conjunction is poorly aspected, you could be swayed to marry for money alone.

Highly talented artists often have their Venus conjunct their Saturn; Saturn gives structure and discipline to creative expression. In other words, Saturn gives you that certain “oomph” to keep learning and advancing in skill. Venus gives you the natural-born talent. Together, they work well.

Venus Conjunct Uranus. Your romantic relationships are unconventional and probably begin and end suddenly. The line between friendship and love can be quite blurred for you at times. Individuals with this aspect should never marry in haste. Your artistic tastes and ability are highly original and unconventional. Your earning and spending habits are marked by the same erratic tendencies as your love life.

Venus Conjunct Neptune. Your physical beauty reflects the mystical and spiritual traits inherent in this conjunction. People are drawn to your gentleness, sensitivity, and elusive spiritual nature. You love music and art that are mystically inspired. You tend to idealize your romantic partners.

Innate healing ability and transcendent knowledge are often evident with this aspect. But unless the individual is self-aware, a pattern of events and circumstances may not develop that pushes the person toward a realization of this talent. On the negative side, you may be disillusioned in love and romance by getting involved, unknowingly, with deceitful people. You trust too much.

Venus Conjunct Pluto. Sexual magnetism and tremendous passion mark this aspect. Quite often, past-life attachments are indicated. In self-aware individuals, this aspect can lead to the height of spiritual love and compassion, which transforms everyone who comes in contact with it.

As with all Venus conjunctions, artistic ability is indicated. But here it's likely to be expressed through drama and music or a combination of the two, like operas and musicals. As with all Pluto aspects, the risk is that the power of the conjunction can be used positively or negatively, to transform or destroy.

Venus Conjunct North Node. You have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Through social contacts you develop because of this, you attract what you need for personal fulfillment and success.

Venus Conjunct South Node. You feel emotionally isolated much of the time, but it's due to your own behavior patterns. Try to develop a more acute sense of timing in your social interactions; don't bug people when they're preoccupied with something else.

Venus Conjunct Ascendant. Physically you're a knockout, especially if you're a woman. You can charm your way into getting virtually anything you want. If poorly aspected, however, there can be a tendency toward vanity and affected mannerisms.

If your Venus happens to conjunct your Part of Fortune, your love life should be smooth sailing! In fact, it doesn't get much better than this. You benefit financially through marriage and partnerships in general. You gain through love.

Venus Conjunct Midheaven. Social ambition is what this aspect is about. It's a wonderful aspect for artists, publicists, and diplomats. You attract money and power through social contacts and relationships.

Venus Conjunct IC. Your life is about creating, maintaining, and enjoying domestic harmony. Your marriage and family are important to you, as are your parents and early childhood. Your home is artistically decorated. Chances are that you enjoy gourmet food.

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