Conjunctions of the Sun

Conjunctions of the Sun act as a magnifying glass to intensify and focus solar energy. The essence of a conjuncting planet doesn't just blend with that of the Sun; it unites with it, enhancing and strengthening its (solar) energy.

There are at least two schools of thought on conjunctions of the Sun. The first holds that the planet's energy is burned up by the Sun. The second theory is that the solar energy becomes a perfect vehicle for the manifestation of that planet's energy. Both theories can apply — it depends on the overall chart.

If a planet lies within half a degree to four degrees from the Sun, it's said to be combust. This means exactly what it sounds like: The planet's energy breaks down and is essentially absorbed by the solar energy. If a planet is less than half a degree from the Sun, it's said to be cazimi.

Sun Conjunct Moon. You get what you want through a perfect blend of will and ego. Your creative urges spring from deep instinctive levels. Your self-motivation can be impulsive, which may create problems for you. You have strong ties with your family, spouse, and home.

Sun Conjunct Mercury. Your will is focused through your intellect. You don't just sit around talking about ideas; you act on them. Mercury is never more than twenty-eight degrees from the Sun, so a conjunction is the only major aspect that occurs between these two planetary bodies.

Sun Conjunct Venus. You're definitely a lover: A lover of life, beauty, music, and art; a lover of love. You gain through speculation, unless the fifth and second houses are poorly aspected. In a man's chart, this conjunction can indicate an effeminate nature; in a woman's chart, she's the social butterfly. You have a terrific way with kids and possess the gift of bringing happiness to others. On the downside, you may have a tendency toward laziness and self-indulgence. (This is the only aspect Venus can make to the Sun because it's never more than forty-eight degrees from the Sun.)

Sun Conjunct Mars. You charge through obstacles and meet challenges with all the subtlety of a T-Rex. You're aggressive, self-motivated, and bold. You're also outspoken and blunt, which sometimes proves to be an advantage, but usually gets you into trouble. You need to practice self-control so that your abundant energy can be channeled in more advantageous ways.

Having the Sun conjunct Mars can give you a real competitive streak. Some might think you're too aggressive and urge you to calm down when you're playing sports. Sexually, it can make you adventurous and daring — you'll try anything once!

Sun Conjunct Jupiter. This aspect works like a magnet that attracts what you need exactly when you need it. Even in adverse times, you're naturally lucky. You're a lavish spender, but also generous and magnanimous with people you care about. Your self-confidence and self-reliance always bring you more than you need. You gain through your father.

Sun Conjunct Saturn. This aspect either provides the structure and discipline you need to achieve prominence, or it oppresses you so deeply that you always feel a tinge of melancholy. Responsibility is thrust on you at an early age that might cause you to withdraw into yourself. You are the proverbial lone wolf, independent but often lonely. Your best bet is to turn your considerable intellect away from your own concerns and reach for whatever it is you most desire.

Sun Conjunct Uranus. Think genius. Through flashes of insight and an instinctive understanding of divine laws, you have the ability to venture into unexplored realms and impact the world with what you find. You're high strung and probably try to get by on very little sleep, which only burns you out. You have the ability to succeed at virtually anything you set your mind to.

Uranus deals with the unexpected and marching to the beat of a different drummer. It takes more than eighty years for Uranus to move through the twelve signs of the zodiac. If your Sun is conjunct Uranus, it means that you're an original, creative thinker, though you tend to want everything done perfectly.

Sun Conjunct Neptune. People consider you somewhat mysterious. Your strong mystical bent, used constructively, can trigger enormous creativity. If the conjunction is in Taurus, your mystical side is grounded, and you make the unreal real. The downside to this aspect is scattered mental and emotional energy, a fascination with or overindulgence in drugs or alcohol, and a tendency to daydream.

Sun Conjunct Pluto. Your powerful will regenerates and transforms everything it touches. Sexual and mental energy are usually your vehicles for transformation. In self-aware people, this conjunction may manifest as a pure channel for spiritual energy; in less evolved people there may be dictatorial tendencies.

Sun Conjunct North Node. With this aspect, the South Node is in opposition and should be considered in the interpretation. Your opportunities for self-expression are greatly enhanced and can manifest as leadership. The luck inherent in this aspect is something you've earned through past lives; your efforts were directed toward the world beyond yourself. A solar or lunar eclipse most likely occurred around the time of your birth.

Sun Conjunct South Node. Circumstances in your life either deny or limit your chances for self-expression. The house placement tells which area is affected. This aspect usually indicates past lives in which you, perhaps, pursued your goals at the expense of other people.

Sun Conjunct Ascendant. Imagine vitality at its peak — illness is as rare as water in the Mojave Desert. Even when you do get sick, you recuperate quickly and completely. You possess an intuitive understanding of divine law and have a tremendous capacity for positive influence on the masses.

Here's an extra tidbit: If you know your Part of Fortune and your Sun conjuncts this, then you're in luck — literally. In other words, your luck and success come through personal efforts, in the area represented by the house that the Part of Fortune occupies.

Sun Conjunct Midheaven. You seek fame, acclaim, and the realization of your professional abilities. Politics and public life may figure into the equation. However your fame manifests, it's sure to impact the masses.

Sun Conjunct IC. Family and home are paramount in your life. You have a deep appreciation of your early life, family roots, and values. You may do a lot of entertaining in your home and hobnob with famous people.

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