Conjunctions of Mars

With Mars conjunctions, think activity: It has to do with your energy levels and the way you deal with work and the people around you. Mars conjunctions will also give away your aggressiveness: Do you take decisive action, or do you lie back and let others push their way to the front of the line? This conjunction will also show what your sexual appetite and tendencies are like.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter. You have few equals in terms of energy and enthusiasm, particularly when you're dealing with something you feel passionate about. Whenever you're told that something can't be done or that you can't do something, you proceed to prove everyone wrong. Your sex drive is as strong as your drive to succeed. Poorly aspected, there can be a tendency to prove you're right at any cost.

Mars Conjunct Saturn. Your physical endurance surpasses that of many of your contemporaries. You work hard and long to achieve what you desire. This aspect is sometimes found in the charts of professional military people. Your sex drive may often be channeled into your work.

Thanks to Saturn's restrictions, you may repress anger and other hostile emotions until you explode, and your attitudes may be somewhat dictatorial. You may also be prone to broken bones.

Mars Conjunct Uranus. You despise boredom and are constantly looking for thrills and chills. Your dare-devil attitude can lead to extremism and rebellion against authority and any restriction of your personal freedom. In daily life, your strong personality may come across to others as too impersonal to make you the popular kid on the block. You're at your best when you follow your intellect rather than your emotions.

Mars Conjunct Neptune. Astrologer Grant Lewi called this the “most powerful magnetic aspect in the horoscope.” In self-aware people, it may be exactly that because it unites physical and spiritual energy. In practical terms, this means that psychic healing ability may be evident and that you have the innate capacity to manifest what you desire.

If your Mars conjuncts your Neptune, impractical goals, scattered energy, and peculiar romantic involvements may result. However it manifests in your life, if your Mars conjuncts Neptune, be advised to stay clear of drugs and alcohol and to maintain good health through diet and exercise.

Mars Conjunct Pluto. This aspect gives incredible physical strength and a powerful personal magnetism. How it manifests, however, depends on whether Mars or Pluto is the dominant planet in the horoscope. If Mars is more prominent, then the power is expressed through baser emotions: lust, greed, and achievement at the expense of others.

With Pluto dominant, you have the capacity to transform and regenerate yourself in such a way that your voice becomes that of a spiritual leader. If poorly aspected, however, there's a chance that Pluto will perform his usual shtick and turn everything around. This power may be expressed through cruelty, savage passions, and violence. Be self-aware!

Mars Conjunct North Node. You're in step with the times and in harmony with your personal environment. Your drive to succeed (look to the house placement to find out which area is affected) allows you to overcome any restrictions imposed by the sign and house placement of the South Node.

Mars Conjunct South Node. You're a loner. You may object to the military values of the country in which you live and to many of the current trends. Your sense of timing may be off, and, because of this, you may unknowingly antagonize others.

Mars Conjunct Ascendant. You've got all the Mars traits: aggression, energy, initiative, and impulsiveness. On the downside, you may also be reckless and accident-prone. Your relationships and marriages are emotionally charged. Intense dealings go hand in hand, and it sometimes becomes difficult for the people around you to stay on your dramatic level for long.

If your Mars conjuncts your ascendant, there is a curious side effect. When you're ill, you probably run a high fever. The explanation is this: When Mars is in the opposition position (conjunct the descendant or seventh-house cusp), there is an affinity for high fevers because of its proximity to the sixth house.

Mars Conjunct Midheaven. You're focused on your career and professional achievements and pour a lot of energy into attaining prominence. You're extremely competitive and don't shrink from the task at hand when confronted with setbacks. Good aspects from Jupiter, Saturn, and the planetary ruler of the sign on the tenth-house cusp help you achieve success.

Mars Conjunct IC. Disharmony in the home and family life is indicated unless Mars is well-aspected or you work out of your home.

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