Conjunctions of Jupiter

The influence of a Jupiter conjunction is felt mostly in the house where the conjunction falls. It's important to look at the aspects made to the conjunction. If they're good, then the terrific, expansive qualities of Jupiter dominate. If the conjunction is badly aspected, then look for extravagance and excess.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn. This aspect, which comes around about once every twenty years, means you probably have to overcome major obstacles to expand the affairs of the house where the conjunction falls. The two planets are basically in conflict: Jupiter wants to expand, Saturn wants to restrict.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus. This one rolls around every fourteen years or so. It means that you experience sudden and unexpected opportunities to expand in whatever area the house placement rules. You may travel suddenly. You gain through friends, occult groups, and through progressive, original ideas and methods.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune. Look for this aspect every thirteen years. You're imaginative, have a distinct spiritual or mystical bent, and possess some sort of psychic talent that you should develop. There can be extreme idealism with this aspect, which must be channeled constructively in order to be put to practical use.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto. This powerful aspect can work constructively or destructively. You either seek to achieve goals that benefit not only yourself but others as well, or you're a power monger.

With those who are more emotionally mature or self-aware, Jupiter conjunct Pluto is a good reason for learning about and fully developing your spiritual side. Beneficial practices include: yoga, meditation, metaphysical studies, and spiritual healing.

Jupiter Conjunct North Node. This is a terrific aspect, particularly if you're involved with the public. Your beliefs are in tune with current trends.

Jupiter Conjunct South Node. You feel blocked much of the time — restricted or limited — just as you would with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Be careful while traveling abroad. Look to the house placement of the North Node to understand how to overcome the challenges of this aspect.

Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant. Your optimism inspires others, who may look to you as an authority of some kind. Your main passions revolve around education, legal, or spiritual concerns. You enjoy travel, particularly overseas. There's a tendency with this aspect to gain weight.

Jupiter Conjunct Midheaven. This is a fine aspect for achieving professional recognition and success. It's often found in the horoscopes of politicians, attorneys, educators, anyone in the public eye.

Jupiter Conjunct IC. You're a builder — either literally or figuratively. This aspect is good for real estate brokers and anyone in the home construction, improvement, or decoration business. Your early childhood was probably fun and active. You have a solid relationship with your parents. In the latter half of your life, you can expect prosperity and material comfort.

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