The Importance of a Logbook

One of the most enjoyable aspects of aquarium keeping is the learning process that accompanies this fascinating hobby. A logbook conveniently located near the aquarium and used to record your behavioral observations will vastly increase your enjoyment of your hobby and, in the long run, will add to your knowledge of the creatures that you keep. The logbook should also be used to record your measurements of such environmental parameters as temperature, pH, and ammonia levels. Do not trust your memory in regard to such details. Notes accumulated over a long period of time will give you insights into aquarium functioning and animal behavior that are simply not possible to gain by relying upon your memory or by reading the words of others. Each aquarium is unique, and each hobbyist is unique in what he or she can observe and analyze.

Be sure to share your insights with others, and to publish what you have learned whenever possible. The newsletters of local aquarium societies offer the easiest and quickest way of getting your observations into print. The people who manage such societies, or any professionals that you may be in touch with, will also be able to guide you as to publishing your observations in books and magazines. Bear in mind that nearly all of what we know about the earth's living creatures originated as someone's simple observation, and that the original observations of a hobbyist are no less valuable than are those of a scientist.

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