Ascended Masters

Even though the ascended masters are not mentioned in the hierarchy, it is important to point them out. They are God's divine helpers and they play their role in helping humanity evolve. These beings of light walked before you on this earth. During their lifetimes they were great teachers. They have now ascended into heaven and their role is to help all those that need them.

Among these great beings and teachers are the Blessed Mother Mary, Jesus, Quan Yin, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, Serapis Bey, Saint Theresa, and Saint Francis.

The ascended masters are well aware of your prayers and concerns. They have compassion and understanding of what you go through as human beings because they walked the journey themselves. Just like the angels, they honor your free will and free choice, so you need to ask for their help. Trust that they will be by your side, instantaneously, ready to assist you in unconditional love. They are very powerful enlightened beings and they have the ability to manifest healing and miracles into your life. Invite them into your life and witness the magic that begins to unfold.

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