Are Our Loved Ones Angels?

Many people feel and experience their loved ones who have passed as their guardian angels. Their presence and love never leaves you and, yes, it can feel as if they are still around you acting as your guardian angel. As mentioned before, the angels have never been in a physical form. They are celestial beings of pure light, love, and energy.

There are many people who claim to be mediums. You want to invest wisely and choose someone with experience and expertise. Ask around for referrals or do your research on the Internet. You can also look for a Spiritualist Church in your area. This is a spiritual community where the congregation gathers for healing and experienced mediums bring messages through from spirits.

Those that have passed and are now living in the spirit world are better referred to as spirit guides. Some loved ones may choose as part of their soul plan and evolution to be a spirit to help you along your life's journey. It is said that those relatives you were named after at the time of birth have a soul contract to watch over you as spirit guides after their transition to the other side.

If you feel a loss or miss a loved one who is not with you anymore, open the channels of communication with them just like you would contact the angels. They are still with you in spirit and if you choose to, you can attune to their ever-present love and guidance.

If you are interested in communicating with your loved ones in spirit, do your research and seek out an experienced medium. They have natural abilities or they have developed their skills to communicate with this world. Their job is to deliver evidential information and messages of love proving the continuity of life after death. This information can be very healing and it can bring peace to those who are missing their loved ones.

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