What Is a Sign?

A sign is a confirmation from your angels. You can ask for a sign when you want the angels to validate their presence in your life. A good example of asking for a sign is that you did the meditation in this book to meet your guardian angel, but after you finished, you weren't quite sure if it was real. Then you ask your guardian angel to give you a sign that would confirm her presence. Watch for and pay attention to some of the following signs:

  • Dropped dimes and pennies from heaven

  • White feathers

  • Angel trinkets or religious medals found in spontaneous places

  • Strange animals appearing out of nowhere

  • Smelling roses or flowers when none are present

  • Hearing a song on the radio about angels or one that has significant meaning

  • A street sign or a billboard with a message

  • The phone ringing but no one is there

  • Blinking lights or electrical items turning on and off

  • Angel lights or forms appearing in your pictures

  • It's an amazing experience to witness any of these signs. They are all around you if you only notice and the more you notice, the more signs you experience. Allow the angels to get your attention and feel their loving presence through these magical moments.

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