Manifesting with the Angels

Manifesting is about creating what you want in your life and knowing you have the power to do it. It's no longer true that only the mystical saints and the “gifted ones” have this ability to perform magic or miracles. You have the power within you, and with the help of the angels you can manifest your dreams into reality. The following steps will help you own your power to manifest your true desires:

  • Get clear about what you desire. Make a wish list and release any limited thinking or negative beliefs while making your list. Believe that anything is possible.

  • Write positive affirmations, enhancing them with feeling and emotion. Claim what you desire now in the present moment.

  • Spend time in meditation visualizing what you truly desire. Match your visualizations with the feeling that it's already done.

  • Call on the angels and ask them to help you manifest your desires and then surrender your wishes to God and the angels.

  • Feel worthy and deserving and be open to receive your highest and best and the highest and best of all, better than you could ever imagine.

These steps are very powerful. You initiate a powerful energy by aligning your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and visions to a desired outcome. This energy becomes the law of attraction, which draws to your reality the manifestation of what you requested.

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