Feeling Worthy and Deserving

Many people struggle with the issue of feeling unworthy and undeserving. They have trouble receiving what's rightfully theirs as a child of God. The angels will remind you that you deserve the best and it's your divine right to be happy, joyful, fulfilled, and prosperous.

If you deal with these issues, then it's your job to shift your thinking. You need to change your beliefs so they match your worth as a child of God. This is so important when you think about the angels answering your prayers. Let's say you asked the angels to help you fulfill your dream of going to Italy, but deep down inside you feel unworthy of receiving such an expensive and luxurious trip. Believe it or not, you are very powerful, and because of your inner beliefs, you could block that trip from happening, even though the angels have everything worked out to make it possible.

Ask the angels, “Dearest angels, help me change my thinking so I can believe and know beyond any doubt that I am worthy and deserving of the best. I am a child of God and I am open to receive the kingdom of heaven here on earth.”

Another question to ask yourself is, “Can you accept help and do you deserve it?” Take a couple of moments and reflect on this thought. Are you willing to let others help you so you can experience more peace, health, fulfillment, or prosperity, and if they do, do you deserve it? This is significant because the angels might send people into your life that act as earth angels. They come as an answer to your prayers and it's your job to let them in, allowing them to help you in any way they can. This may be hard for you, so get ready to be humbled by the help of others. Did you ever stop to think that when you allow others to help you, you might be helping them?

When you ask the angels for help with certain aspects of your life — relationships, finances, health, home, or career — make sure you check in and affirm to yourself that you are worthy and deserving of receiving the best. This will clear the way so you can easily receive what you've asked for and more.

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