Angel Assignments

God blessed you with the angels who act as messengers between heaven and earth. He knew that you would be challenged throughout your life experience and He did not want you to feel alone or separate from His love. The angels are here to help you. Just as you have roles here on earth — being a mother, a brother, a student, a teacher — the angels have roles, too.

Because God loves you so much, He assigned you at least two personal guardian angels. They are here to help you in any way they can and they watch over you twenty-four hours a day until you leave this lifetime.

If you are working in any type of healing or helping profession, you have a team of angels assigned to help you. There are also money angels, weather angels, prosperity angels, healing angels, and angels for everything you could imagine.

The archangels, who oversee the angels, also have specific roles to assist humanity in both subtle and profound ways. They are very powerful and even if a large number of people are praying for their help at the same time, they can be with each person simultaneously.

Don't worry about memorizing the specific angel names and their roles; just call out and ask for the help. For example, you've lost your sense of direction and you don't know where you are. Call out, “Direction angels, please help me find my way or connect me with someone who can show me the way.”

There are legions of divine helpers here on earth and there is no task too small or unimaginable that they cannot handle. Just remember, your assignment is to ask for their help; otherwise, they will not intervene unless it's a life-threatening situation.

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