Protection for Your Children

It's natural for parents to worry about their children, and the angels know that one of the toughest jobs here on earth is being a parent. Unfortunately, God didn't send each child with a manual, but he did send his angels to watch over and protect every one of them.

It's important to remember that when your thoughts are focused on worry and fear, your children will feel this energy, even if you are hundreds of miles away. When you choose to call on the angels and you ask them to surround your children in love and protection, imagine what they would feel in comparison to worry and fear. It's in the highest and best for you and your children to learn how to stop and shift your thoughts from fear into faith, and the angels can help you do this. Following are some examples of when you can invoke the angels to watch over and protect your children:

  • Your child is sick and you are worried.

  • You are leaving your kids with a sitter or home alone.

  • Your teenager is driving or is with another teen driver.

  • Your children are at school and you're concerned.

  • You have older children and you're having a hard time accepting their choices.

  • You have a troubled child and you don't know what to do.

  • You have grandchildren and you worry about them.

  • It doesn't matter what the situation is, the angels know your thoughts and they can feel your concern. From the instant that you request their assistance, they will surround you and your children in love and protection.

    Call on Archangel Michael

    Archangel Michael is the powerful protector, and his name means “he who is like God.” You might recognize him as the archangel who carries a sword, symbolizing his ability to release resistance and cut through fear. He is the archangel of protection, so when you call on him you will immediately feel his warmth, love, and protection. Ask Archangel Michael to watch over your children when you worry or if you cannot be with them. He will embrace them with love and he will shield them in his powerful protection. After you call on him, notice how you feel. Trust that your children are in God's hands and they are being well taken care of.

    Call on Their Guardian Angels and Ten Thousand Angels

    Not only can you call on Archangel Michael, but remember, God assigned your children at least two guardian angels to watch over them for their entire lifetime. Whenever you need help with your children, go to their guardian angels and talk to them. Tell them what your worries and fears are and ask them to help your child. Then let go and trust that they will do their job. Be open to the miracles of their assistance and welcome the peace you will feel as you let go and allow the angels to take over.

    Prayer for protection for your children: “Dearest Archangel Michael, please be with my children now. Watch over them and surround them in your powerful protection. Keep them safe. Help them feel loved and surrounded in God's love and light. I trust God and have peace that you are watching over them. Thank you.”

    Last but not least, in the kingdom of God there are countless numbers of angels to serve humanity. When you feel the need, you can assign 10,000 angels to watch over your children. Imagine how you and your children will feel when Archangel Michael, their guardian angels, and 10,000 angels watch over and protect them. Isn't it worth taking the time to pray to invoke their assistance?

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