Angels of Healing

The following angels and archangels have the specific role of helping humanity heal. They help with healing of all kinds: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and healing for both humans and animals. Read about each one and see which of these divine helpers can help you in your life right now. Then use the prayers to invoke them into your life so they can help you heal.

Archangel Raphael Provides Healing of all Kinds

Raphael's name means “God heals” or “God has healed.” Raphael is the master healer and he is committed to humanity, doing healing work of all kinds for mind, body, and spirit. He is known as the doctor archangel, who brings healing both to humans and animals. If you use your clairvoyance, you might see a green emerald healing light associated with Archangel Raphael's presence. He will come to all those who call on him and because he is an archangel, he can be with everyone simultaneously. If you are a healer of any kind, ask Archangel Raphael to guide you and assist you in your healing work. He wants to be of assistance to all those passionate about healing the world.

Prayer to Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael, please surround me in your green emerald healing light. You are God's healer and therefore you have been given the power to heal for God. I request and accept divine healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Show me and help me become one with the truth. I am healed, whole, and healthy. Thank you, Raphael, for this miracle of healing.

Archangel Zadkiel Provides Emotional Healing

Zadkiel's name means “the righteousness of God.” Archangel Zadkiel helps all those who call on him for emotional healing. He is known as the archangel of mercy and benevolence, and he wants humanity to let go of judgment and to accept each other with love, compassion, and understanding. If you are struggling with emotional issues of any kind, invoke the assistance of Zadkiel and ask him to intervene. Request that he heal your heart so you can feel compassion and forgiveness. Then ask for the healing to expand into your mind, body, and spirit so you experience emotional healing on all levels of consciousness.

Prayer to Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel, I request your help for emotional healing. Help me release and dissolve any negative feelings toward myself and others. Help me heal and be free from the negative effects of judgment, unforgiveness, anger, and resentment. I am ready to heal with your help. Zadkiel, come into my heart and heal it so I can love myself and others and find peace once again.

Archangel Azrael Provides Healing for the Dying and Grieving

Azreal's name means “whom God heals.” His role is to comfort and assist the dying as they transition into the afterlife. He also watches over and helps heal all those grieving from a loss of any kind. If you know of someone who is close to death, send Azreal to their side and ask that they be eased of their suffering. If you are still grieving from a loss, ask Azreal to help heal your heart. He can also help you if you want to communicate with your loved one who has passed; just ask him to help you make that connection.

Prayer to Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael, we are suffering a loss of someone we love very much. Please help (state their name) have a smooth and peaceful transition back home to heaven. Please bring healing and peace to all those left behind and help them know that their loved one is at peace. If they want to communicate with their loved one, please help them connect and give them that miracle. Thank you for reminding us we are not alone and we are truly loved during these difficult times.

You can also call on your guardian angels for healing. Remember they are assigned to you and they will help you in every aspect of your life. You can also just call on the angels of healing knowing that there is an unlimited number of angels and God knows exactly who to send.

Archangel Zerachiel Provides Healing of Addictions

Zerachiel is one of the seven archangels mentioned in the Book of Enoch. He is the angel of healing who watches over and helps all those suffering from addiction. He will also help all the children affected by parents with addiction. When you call on him you might feel warmth in your chest or tingling in your body. If you want to release an addictive behavior or if you know of someone who is suffering from addiction, call on Zerachiel and ask for his assistance.

Prayer to Archangel Zerachiel

Archangel Zerachiel, please help (state their name). Help her heal and find the courage and strength to stop and get the help she needs. Help her awaken to the desire to live a peaceful, healthy, and productive life where she rediscovers her worth and how loved she really is.

These archangels of healing will lovingly guide you along your journey to wellness. They know how hard it can be when you feel less than 100 percent both physically and emotionally. Call them by name and know that their role is to ease your pain and provide you with the peace you deserve so you can heal.

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