Traveling Angels

Traveling can be very joyful, adventurous, and exciting, and other times it can be a journey into the unknown, where you experience fear, anxiety, and stress. Inviting the angels to travel with you can give you a sense of peace that you are not alone and you are being watched over, no matter what the situation might be.

There are many ways in which the angels can assist you while traveling:

  • When flying, request that the angels watch over the plane and the pilot and ask that your flight be safe, smooth, and on time. You can also imagine angels resting on the wings of the plane.

  • When traveling by car, ask the angels to watch over and protect your vehicle and all passengers with you. Ask for a clear path ahead so your travels are smooth and timely.

  • When traveling with luggage, ask your angels to watch over it and request that it arrive at your destination when you do.

  • When visiting unfamiliar places, ask for protection so you can feel safe and ask the angels to send the perfect people to help and guide you to the best places to visit, stay, and eat.

  • If you are traveling on business, ask the angels for everything you need to make it a pleasurable and successful trip.

  • Remember to ask for the weather you need to get to your destination and to enjoy it while you are there.

  • If loved ones are traveling without you, ask for the angels to protect them and watch over them until they return safely home.

  • Ask the angels to watch over your home, your job or business, or any loved ones left behind while you are traveling.

  • If an issue or glitch in your travel plans emerges, ask the angels to resolve it quickly and to provide everything you need to work through it with ease and grace.

It is a gift to travel so you can connect with loved ones, experience new places, create success in business, or to just rest and relax. The angels want you to experience these opportunities with ease and joy. So call on them and discover how they can lighten the load for you when it comes to travel.

Specific Traveling Angels

The following are specific angels to invoke while traveling. Simply call them by name and ask them for what you need. Know that it is an honor for them to serve you and assist you in any way they can.

  • Archangel Raphael is the patron of travelers. He watches over all those who ask for safe and smooth travel.

  • Archangel Michael is the protector, and can keep you from harm in all situations. You can also call on Michael if you get lost and need directions or if you need any assistance in solving mechanical difficulties.

  • Suriel is the angel named in the Kabbalah who rules over earth and is considered the angel of protection. Ask Suriel to watch over your home and possessions while traveling.

  • Archangels Uriel and Zapiel work on regulating weather conditions.

You can call on these angels and archangels individually or you can call on them as a team. When you assign them to their tasks, notice how you feel. You can travel worry free and feel reassured that you have a team working behind the scenes taking care of all your needs.

Traveling prayer

Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Suriel, Archangel Uriel, and Zapiel, please watch over and protect all of us as we travel to our destination. Please watch over and make sure our method of transportation is working efficiently and that it's safe and wrapped in the protective light of God. Assist Mother Nature and ensure that the weather is perfect for our travels and we arrive at our destination in a timely manner. Our travels are smooth, safe, and easy because of your loving attention and assistance. Thank you for watching over our home, pets, and children while we are away.

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