Finding Your Soul Mate

The angels will help you find the love of your life when you ask them for assistance. They wish for you all the experiences of love and communion that can only take place when two souls come together in partnership.

The first step is to sit with your angels and make a wish list of your desires and what you want to feel and experience in your partnership. If you have had previous experiences with other relationships, then you have more wisdom and knowledge to clarify what you do want and what you don't want. When making your list, only affirm and list what you do want to experience, the positive not the negative.

Here are some ideas when creating your wish list to the angels:

  • What does your soul mate look like? Examples: handsome, athletic, tall, short, dark or light hair, awesome eyes, great dresser.

  • What does it feel like when you are with him? Examples: warm, connected, happy, fulfilled, spontaneous, comfortable, genuine, fun.

  • What are the characteristics of your soul mate and your relationship?

  • Examples: committed, trusting, honest and open communication, supportive, fun, passionate.

  • What's important to you? Examples: someone spiritual, likes to travel, likes to work out, loves good food, good with kids, supportive of your career, likes to have a good time, conversational, good around the house.

  • What is your life like after you get together? Examples: we have financial security and abundance, we spend quality time together, we are passionate, we easily communicate, we appreciate each other, we laugh together.

  • Spend some time in your sacred space when you create your wishlist. Be specific and only state the positive. If you choose, you may review it with a friend. She might have suggestions for additions to your list.

    Your list is going to be very individual to who you are and what you like. Be honest and specific with the angels. Create your wish list and then surrender it to your angels. They will work diligently behind the scenes to bring you together at the perfect time and in the perfect place. Your job is to believe, affirm, and visualize your soul mate in your meditation and imagine your wish list coming true.

    Prayer for Finding a Soul Mate

    Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Haniel, I ask for your assistance in meeting and connecting with my true love, a soul mate who is destined for me. I share with you my wish list and desires, and I trust that you will work behind the scenes to bring us together. I am ready and willing to open my heart to give and receive the gifts of love through partnership and to meet my mate who is ready to do the same. Grace me with the gifts of this soul-connected relationship and help me recognize who he is when I see him.

    Meditation for Connecting You with Your Soul Mate

    This is a powerful meditation that works to help you connect and meet your soul mate. Get ready for miracles if you choose to invite her into your life.

    Find a quiet place to sit and bring your soul mate wish list with you. If you choose, you can put some quiet music, in the background, get comfortable, and place your wish list on your lap. Take some nice deep breaths and set your intention that you are going to work with the angels to connect with your soul mate.

    Call in your guardian angels and your soul mate's guardian angels and ask Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Haniel to join you. Ask them to create a beautiful circle of divine light, love, and power around you. Breathe in and believe they are going to help you become one with your true love on a soul level and on a physical level. (Pause)

    Now imagine your soul as a star in the sky. Now send a call out to your soul mate. There are many stars in the sky, but one seems to shine very bright and it twinkles more than the others. Look for it or feel it — it's there! (Pause)

    Now see that star coming toward your star until they merge and become one big, brilliant, bright star. (Pause) Now ask your soul and your angels to call out to your physical beings on the earth plane. Imagine you are both stars on the earth and you attract each other until you finally merge on the earth plane. Just like the two stars came together on the soul plane, they come together on the earth plane. See or feel that happening. (Pause) Through the help of the angels you easily find each other, you are drawn to each other, and you are destined to be together.

    Now imagine, or pretend if you need to, that you are living together in happiness, commitment, joy, peace, and harmony. Imagine and feel it in every cell of your being. (Pause) Thank your soul and your angels for bringing you together and for the miracles of your love. (Pause)

    Feel the gratitude and then slowly breathe back into the moment, holding on to your vision and the feeling of true love.

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