Picking Angel Cards

Picking an angel card is a fun and insightful way to connect with your angels and to receive a message of divine guidance. You can pick an angel card to answer a specific question or you can just ask for guidance on what you need to know in that moment.

For example, “Dearest angels, what do I need to know today?” or you can ask a specific question. For example, “What do I need to know about_______?”

Take the follow steps to do a one-card reading:

  • Remember, always ask your angels to surround you in divine white light and energy before you pick a card.

  • Hold your deck of cards in your hands and say a prayer to receive a message that will guide you to your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine. (If you are asking a specific question, then state the question and ask that you be guided to the best card that will answer your question.)

  • Spread your cards out on the table. Then breathe and ask your angels to help you pick the perfect card. You can always look at the cards and see which card jumps out at you or you can pass your hand slowly across the cards. Feel through the energy in your hands and notice where your hand is drawn to and then pick that card.

  • After you select your card, you might have a clear meaning of what the card is telling you. If not, read the book that comes with the deck or ask the angels to help you understand what it means.

  • Thank your angels and ask that they continue to guide you.

Enjoy your journey while working with your angel deck. Witness your connections deepen between yourself, God, and the angels, and allow the cards to guide you to the answer to your prayers.

It may seem as if the card you selected doesn't have any significant meaning. If this happens, write down the card that you picked in your journal and stay in tune to the angels. Pay attention during the upcoming week. Most likely the card's meaning will be revealed in the next couple of days or by the end of the week.

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