Can You Do a Reading for Someone Else?

You can absolutely do an angel reading for someone else. It's recommended that you do readings for yourself first and really get to know your cards. Practice is the key. Each time you do a reading for yourself you expand your knowledge about the angels and their messages. With experience you gain confidence. This is exactly what you need to best facilitate an angel reading for another. Take the following steps when facilitating a reading for another person:

  • Explain what an angel reading is and how it can help them. Be sure to mention that the messages from the angels are always filled with positive thoughts, unconditional love, and encouragement.

  • Ask for permission to hold her hands. Your hands are faced palms up, because you are facilitating the reading. Ask both of your angels to create a beautiful circle of love, light, healing, and protection around you. Then breathe one with the angels' loving presence and relax and trust that they will guide you.

  • Ask the person you are reading for to take a deep breath and as she exhales, ask her to let go of everything that happened before the reading (you do the same). Then ask her to take another breath and as she exhales, ask her to let go of everything that's going to happen after her reading. Then together breathe in the present moment.

  • Set the following intention either silently or with your partner: “Dearest angels, guide me so I can give a reading for (say the person's name). Allow me to receive the guidance I need for her highest and best, better than she could ever imagine.”

  • Release your hands. Then decide or ask her if she wants a one-card reading: a reading about past, present, and future; or a reading for the different aspects of her life.

  • Have her shuffle the deck or you can shuffle it for her. Spread out the cards and guide her to choose the number of cards needed to do the reading.

  • Take a few minutes and look at the cards. Ask the angels for help so you can share in their wisdom and guidance for the person you are doing a reading for. Listen, feel, and ask for the clarity you need. If it is helpful, use the book enclosed with your deck of cards for further insight.

  • After you complete the reading ask the other person if she understands the messages shared. If she seems confused about certain cards or messages shared, ask her to be open to her angels' guidance. Explain that she might not understand the meaning of the message now, but it is very possible that the clarity will come in the next couple of days or near future.

  • Give thanks to the angels and ask them to continue to help and guide the person you did a reading for. Share and encourage her to be open to the miracles ahead of her and to pay attention to how the angels might be trying to get her attention.

It is important to remember that after you facilitate the reading you need to disconnect from the energy of the other person. Your intention was to help her during the angel reading and now you need to release her to the angels. Imagine yourself “unplugging” from her energy just like unplugging a lamp from electricity. Trust it's in the highest and best of both of you to release and let go.

Another way to receive guidance from the cards is to look at the illustrations expressed on the card. It can provide you with some valuable insight that you might not find in the words written on the cards or in the book enclosed with the deck.

It can be very rewarding when you share the angels' messages of love with another. Many people say that their life has been touched in a positive way after an angel reading. You will witness the other person experiencing a sense of peace and a knowing that she is never alone. The reading will reassure her that the angels are watching over her and are there to help her in any way they can.

You can use an angel reading to gain insight into all aspects of your life. The cards can be a fun and empowering tool to help you to receive messages of divine guidance. These messages can enlighten your life with more healing, joy, peace, and protection. Be open and practice using the angel cards so you can receive your personal miracles of divine inspiration.

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