What Is Intuition?

Intuition is the instinctual knowing you get when you listen to your inner senses. Everyone is intuitive, and you can train yourself to become more attuned to your senses. Some people may be more sensitive to what they feel; their intuition speaks to them through sensations in their body. Others may be more sensitive to what they hear, and their intuition speaks to them through their inner thoughts or ideas. Seek to discover which senses you use the most and which ones stand out more distinctly. This helps you focus on your strongest senses to receive intuitive information.

Your intuition is a direct link to the angels. As you develop your intuition, your senses heighten and you learn to trust what you hear, feel, and sense from the angels.

You are more intuitive than you realize. The more you can understand and listen to your intuition the better it can guide you. Below is a list of expressions that people use when they are connected to their intuition. Check and see if you use any of these phrases.

  • I had a feeling. Have you ever had a feeling that something was going to happen and then it did? Did you ever have the feeling you needed to call someone and when you did they needed your help?

  • Something told me. Did you ever hear an inner voice guide you, telling you what to do?

  • I had a dream. Did you ever get a direct message from someone in a dream or did you ever have a dream that later had significant meaning?

  • I had a gut feeling. Did you ever not trust your gut feeling and disaster followed? Now think about a time when you did follow your gut feeling and everything worked out.

  • I just knew. Did you ever have that inner understanding and you knew you were right and nobody could change your mind?

  • As you pay attention to your senses and you learn to interpret their messages, your intuition can become very valuable. It can direct you to the answers you are seeking.

    Try this intuitive exercise. Close your eyes and place your hand on your heart. Take a couple of nice deep breaths. Ask which friend or family member needs to receive a phone call from you. Notice how you feel when you hear that name and ask if there is anything you need to know. Then call that person and see how accurate your intuition was. Don't be surprised if that person picks up the phone and calls you first.

    Direct and Indirect Intuition

    Your intuition can communicate in two different ways. Direct intuition is literal and you know exactly what your intuition is saying to you. For example, you are putting an addition onto your house and you have asked the angels to help you find the perfect people to help you build it. You go to the gym and during a break you talk to one of the members. As you are talking, he mentions he's a builder looking for work. There is no interpretation to be made — this is a direct answer to your prayers.

    Sometimes angelic guidance is very direct and you know exactly what they are trying to tell you, but sometimes it's symbolic and you need to ask for their help to interpret the message. When you are confused and you have trouble interpreting the messages, ask the angels to be more literal or direct with their guidance.

    Then there is indirect intuition, which is more symbolic, and you need to contemplate its interpretation. Let's say you are meditating and you've invited your angels into your meditation to give you guidance. You have been looking for a new space to rent for your business. You ask the angels in meditation, “Is the place I looked at today the right space for me to rent?” In your meditation your inner vision shows you a stop sign, but up ahead in the road is a green light. This is a symbolic, indirect way your intuition is communicating with you. When you ask your angels to help you interpret the vision, you realize this place for your business is not the right one (stop sign symbol) but further down the road there is a better choice coming (light is green symbol).

    What Are the Clair Senses?

    Communication from the angels flows through your psychic senses called “clair” senses. These correspond with the senses you use: seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing, tasting, and smelling. It's important to become familiar with these different clairs. By learning more about them you can pay attention to your senses and use them to receive clear communication from God and the angels.

  • Clairvoyance is clear vision. This is when you have visions, images, or symbols presented to you through your inner vision.

  • Clairsentience is clear feeling. This is when you receive information as a feeling in your body.

  • Clairaudience is clear hearing. This is when you experience or hear clear thoughts or words flowing through your mind and no one is physically talking to you.

  • Claircognizance is clear knowing. When you have an inner knowing you feel very strong that something is true or you know beyond any doubt that you need to take action.

  • Clairgustance is clear taste. When you experience this you have a clear taste of something in your mouth without any explanation of why it's happening.

  • Clairolfactory is clear smell. When you use this ability you can smell something even though it's not physically in your presence.

  • If you choose to become more intuitive or psychic, learn the different clairs and practice using them. Everyone is psychic and everyone can develop his or her abilities. The more you learn to trust the information you receive, the more you can use its valuable information in everyday life.

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