Clairsentience: “Clear Feeling”

When you are clairsentient, your intuition speaks to you through your emotions and the physical sensations in your body. Many people who are empathetic (meaning if you are sensitive to the feelings of others around you) are naturally clairsentient. A typical comment from someone who is clairsentient is, “I just had feeling” or, “I had a hunch.”

Remember, the angels use your intuition to communicate their messages of guidance. So they can use your body and its sensations to get your attention. Set your intention that you are going to become more conscious of your feelings and the sensations in your body. Ask your angels to help you know the difference between a good feeling and a bad feeling. This information becomes very valuable. Your angels can then use your body as a messenger to guide you to your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine.

You can tap into your intuition through your sense of feeling and use it to get clarity on making a decision. Place your hand on your heart or on your solar plexus. Think about making your decision, and if you feel peace, most likely there's going to be a positive outcome. If you feel sick to your stomach, it could lead to a negative outcome.

Here are some possible experiences of clairsentience:

  • You feel a chill down your spine.

  • You get a gut feeling about someone you just met.

  • You have a strong feeling to call a friend and when you do, she needs to talk to you.

  • You feel someone standing over your shoulder and no one is there.

  • Without explanation, you are overcome with emotion.

  • You experience a sudden change in room temperature.

  • Have you had any of these experiences and did you ever think it might be your angels trying to get your attention? Start turning inward to your senses and notice if your strongest clair is clairsentience. If you recognize this to be true, learn to trust your feelings and allow your intuition to guide you.

    If you are empathetic and sensitive to other people's feelings and emotions, it's important for you to learn to protect yourself. When you are stressed and your energy is low you are more vulnerable to other people's feelings and emotions. Ask your angels to replenish your energy and surround you with a shield of divine white light. This will increase your energy level and protect you from other people's negativity.

    Fun Practice with Clairsentience

    Look at the following scenarios and ask yourself, “Is this a good feeling leading to a positive experience or is this a negative feeling, which yields caution?”

    • You are contemplating taking a new job. You ask for guidance and you feel confusion and nausea.

    • You think or hear an inspirational idea and you feel a chill down your spine.

    • You're shopping for a new home and you enter a house which feels cold, uncomfortable, and you can't wait to leave.

    • You meet someone new at an event. You immediately feel comfortable and you talk for hours.

    • You pull your car into a parking spot at the plaza and you feel very vulnerable.

    • You go on a first date and you feel relaxed, comfortable, and you have butterflies in your stomach.

    Your feelings are your inner compass. They can guide you in any situation so you can experience a positive outcome. Your job is to pay attention and learn to understand what your feelings are saying. If it's a not-so-good feeling, think again. If the feeling is peaceful or positive, go for it.

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