Claircognizance: “Clear Knowing”

Claircognizance is when you have an inner knowing about something or someone. When you use this sense of intuition you know what you are thinking or saying is true beyond any doubt. Many speakers, writers, artists, and inventors naturally use their gifts of claircognizance. They consciously or unconsciously tap into the divine mind for inspiration, creativity, and innovation. When you experience claircognizance, it feels as if your idea or inspiration comes from a higher source and you feel compelled to put it into action.

Here are some possible experiences of claircognizance:

  • You are talking to someone and you know exactly what she is going to say.

  • You receive an idea or inspiration about writing a book and you know you have to do it.

  • You know something about someone but you don't know how you know it.

  • You know beyond any doubt that you need to move to a particular place.

  • You knew all your life, since a very young age, that you were going to be a teacher, mother, doctor, or any other specific profession.

  • Have you had any of these experiences or would you like to? If so, pay attention to your ideas, inspirations, or your inner knowing. Learn to trust it and have the courage to act upon it. Know that everyone has the ability to become one with the divine mind. When you choose to, you access the unlimited resource of divine wisdom and knowledge.

    Meditation and Prayer for Claircognizance

    This is a meditation to open your crown chakra, the energy center at the top of your head. When it is open and clear, you can receive higher wisdom and knowledge from God and the angels. Before you start your meditation, share the following prayer with the angels:

    “Dearest angels, please assist me in meditation to open and clear my crown chakra. My desire and intention is to open the channel of communication between myself and the divine so I may easily receive claircognizance information. I want to know beyond any doubt that this information is from a higher source of wisdom. Help me trust what I receive and give me the courage to act upon it for the highest and greatest good of all.”

    Now, in your sacred peaceful place for meditation, call upon God and the angels. Close your eyes and breathe one with their loving presence. Feel their desire to assist you. They have heard your prayer and they are working behind the scenes to help you in any way they can. As you breathe, imagine yourself lifting into the higher vibrations of light. Imagine yourself going right into the spiritual sun, where you connect to the oneness of God and the angels. (Pause) Take a few moments and give yourself permission to relax into this beautiful energy. Feel yourself merging with the one breath of God, the one heartbeat of God. (Pause) Now imagine the top of your head opening and allow the light in. Ask for the divine mind to fill your thoughts with the knowing and inspiration of God and the angels. There is nothing for you to do; just breathe in the light. Sit in quiet, relax and allow yourself to just receive. You are one with the divine mind. Trust that you will easily and effortlessly receive divine inspiration and knowing to assist you in all aspects of your life. (Pause and receive) Thank God and the angels for opening your crown chakra to receive divine wisdom. Share with them your desire to continue to receive clear knowing in your everyday life. Slowly, breathe back into the present moment with gratitude and clarity.

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