Clairaudience: “Clear Hearing”

It's not uncommon when you first start connecting with the angels and you hear the voice of divine guidance that your first thought is, “It's just my imagination and I am making it up.” It is important to remember that the voice of the angels isn't necessarily an audio voice heard from outside of you. It can be a loving, supportive thought communicated through your mind. Sometimes it might feel like a whisper and other times it's loud and clear.

Here are some of the possible experiences of clairaudience:

  • You hear someone calling your name but no one's there.

  • You hear songs in your head and the words communicate a message to you.

  • You are driving and you're lost and you hear a clear voice in your thoughts telling you where to go.

  • You hear inspirational messages of love and guidance communicated through your thoughts.

  • You hear a ringing or different tones playing in your inner ear.

  • Messages from your angels are always positive, uplifting, and encouraging. If you find the words you hear come from negativity or a place of fear, know that these are not messages from your angels. Most likely they come from your ego. If this happens, ask your ego to sit on the sidelines during meditation and spend some time raising your vibration so you can attune to the higher frequencies of divine guidance.

    Exercise to Practice Clairaudience

    Bring your journal or some paper and a pen to your quiet place. Set your intention that you are going to receive guidance from the angel about a specific question. Keep your writing materials on your lap and get comfortable. Close your eyes and take some nice deep breaths. Ask the angels to surround you in the protection and love of the divine white light of God. Breathe into this light and imagine that your mind, body, and spirit blend and become one with its magnificence. Then write on your piece of paper, “Dearest angels please help me hear your words of wisdom and guidance to answer the following question.” Then write your question and sit and listen to the words or messages that flow through your mind and thoughts. Even if you think you're making it up, write it down. Try not to think about it and just let your pen flow and allow it to record the thoughts and words that come to you. After your mind becomes quiet, stop and thank your angels. Read your message and notice how it feels.

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