A Book about Angels

Hopefully this angel book woke you up to the possibilities of working with the angelic realm. Evelyn found a similar book some years ago and it changed her life and the life of her family. May you be inspired by her story, and hopefully it will encourage you to use this book in the same way, to help you in all aspects of your life.

Some people see, hear, feel, and know angels at an early age. They communicate with imaginary friends and know that they are not alone.

My journey did not start as a child, but as a parent of a child who began to make some very bad decisions. Upon discovering the choices my son was making, I became desperate. There was no avenue I would not try to get help. Nothing seemed to be helping.

Then one day, I was in a bookstore looking for something to read. I was drawn to a book that really surprised me — it was an angel book. The next surprising thing that happened was I bought the book. I had no clue about angels, the angelic realm, or anything to do with angels. But something inside of me said, “Here's your help.”

That book gave me the courage to move forward in getting help for my son and healing for our family. I learned to call on angels and ask for divine intervention. And guess what? Things actually began to get better. I began to trust that the right people would help us at the right time. And they did.

I began to ask Archangel Michael to surround my son with 1,000 angels, and I trust that he did, because things got better. As time went on and I read and learned more about angels, I put into practice what I had learned. I realized that God's unconditional love is also the angels unconditional love, which became my unconditional love. It was this realization that turned the tides for my son and our family. To this day, I firmly believe that the angels, archangels, and divine intervention got us to where we are today, happy and healthy. I am grateful for the love that we now appreciate and cherish. Thank you, God and the angels, for your help and support.

Evelyn learned how to work with the angels and it changed her life. She gained courage, she asked for help, she met the right people to help her during a time of need, and she leaned about unconditional love. What you have learned in this book can help you in more ways than you could imagine. Are you ready to invite divine intervention into your life and live a life that you appreciate and cherish? Now is the time, and you have everything you need to do it right here in this book.

As you can see, miracles happen in both subtle and profound ways. The angels were there for each and every person who shared their story. They are there for you as well. It is a choice of free will to invite them into your life and to ask them to help you. However, as you have witnessed in these testimonials, they will intervene without your permission when necessary.

The angels love you unconditionally and they were sent to you by God. He gifted you the angels so you would remember you are never alone and you always have help from God if you choose to ask for help. God wants you to experience a life filled with peace, love, protection, joy, and fulfillment. Invite the angels into your life and use the tools from this book to create your own personal miracles. The gifts of grace are all around you and heaven on earth is here and it's now. Say yes to it all.

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