Benefits of a Multi-Treatment Approach

Most experts agree that the best way to tackle adult ADHD is through a multi-treatment approach that combines medication, psychotherapy, and social skills. While medication is generally regarded as the first line of defense in treating adult ADHD, experts concur that “pills do not substitute for skills.”

While medication can certainly level the neurobiological playing field and allow adults with ADHD to learn and develop the skills they need to succeed, it won't help them improve on problems organizing, managing time, prioritizing, and using cognitive aids.

For this reason, medication should be just one part of an adult's treatment plan. Some people know what to do but have not been able to do it because their symptoms have so severely impacted their ability to organize and plan. Once their symptoms diminish, they can put the effective behaviors they already know to work.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The best treatment plan is usually a team approach that combines several different treatment modalities and is customized for each person. One person may find that medication works best in combination with diet, exercise, stress management, and counseling. Another person may prefer a nonchemical alternative route that combines counseling, stress reduction, vitamin and herbal therapy, and coaches. Still others may prefer a blended approach that combines traditional medicine with some alternative therapies like yoga and meditation.

The Saving Grace of Variety

Using a variety of different treatments also increases the chances that you'll enjoy more continuous relief from symptoms in the event one or more of your treatments are no longer effective, stop working on a temporary basis, or you need to stop one or more treatments for a variety of reasons.

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